Hi Don….

WOW !!!!!

My husband, Bert and I are totally impressed with your work. The “finished” stone looks great, as does the lettering and it was all completed in such a timely fashion.

You have been so kind, helpful and honest…..which, I might add, is totally refreshing! We would certainly recommend you and your monument company to anyone!

Once again…..thanks so much for all of your help!

Margie Foreman
“Thank you for your conscientious service and clear communication.”
Rosemarie Reardon

“What a wonderful world this would be if everyone was as nice as you.”

“Thank you so much for all of your help. It was so nice doing business with you. You went out of your way to rush the stone for us and we really appricate it. As ever Paul & Margie Hulton

I am pleased with the results of the monument-your help is greatly appreciated. Many thanks to Susan”

Lucy Tremont


I just got a chance to look at the pictures. The stone is immaculate.



Thanks for all your help and support. It’s been a pleasure working with you.

All the best,

Ted L.

WOW – I’m impressed.

You are a man of your word – thanks

Sandra S.


You made what was a traumatic experience into a pleasurable task. My family and I shall drink a toast to you. When you see the stone, I’m sure you will feel  great pleasure and satisfaction for a job well done. The monument seems to rise up and greet you before you are actually close enough to admire it. It delivers a message of love so very strongly, which is exactly what I had hoped for.

Thanks again, Don, for a job well done to this customer’s fullest satisfaction.

With sincere appreciation,

Fred D.


Thank you for your very professional service given with much compassion.


Elizabeth W.


Thank you for all of your assistance in a troubling time. You and your staff were a welcome relief from the staff at the funeral home. They couldn’t create the monument I wanted and tried to sell me something I didn’t want. You have done a beautiful job that embodies my feelings and brings me joy every time I see it.

Thank you again,

Isa L.


Your photo just made me soooo happy! The monument is beautiful! It’s absolutely what I wanted.

Thank you,

Teri D.

Dear Don:

Finally something went right! This past year has been a year filled with more loss than I could even begin to describe including the death of my mother.

My mother did not want to talk about what she wanted after she died. As her only survivor I decided to have her cremated and planned to scatter her ashes. On the first anniversary of her death I knew I couldn’t do it. I had to have some kind of affirmation that she lived. I managed to get a plot and that day started the process of getting a headstone. That was March 7th. 

Yesterday you sent me a photo of what it looks like installed, in place.

I need to tell you that you were not the only source I tried. There was the internet, but that felt like a disaster waiting to happen. The funeral home sold headstones, but there was something cold and off-setting about it. The first thing they did was pull out a book of other Jewish headstones and talked about the process and how I could have clip art put on it…. 

Now my mother may have been Jewish by birth but it wasn’t something that defined her, and as an artist the last thing she would have wanted would have been clip art! Worse still for me because I needed closure so desperately, they were quoting delivery of up to 90 days or more after I decided what I wanted. This was true of all of the monument suppliers with whom I spoke.

I guess she was looking down on me because that same day we talked. You understood. I had arranged to inter her ashes on the next Sunday and you were willing to meet with us afterwards to talk about the stone saving me another trip down from Ridgefield. It could not have gone better.

Your price was more than fair. You gave me a time frame that was amazing--- a few weeks---coordinated with cemetery and this week, as promised, sent me a photo of the stone installed. It is beautiful. You even helped me figure out the correct grammar for what I wanted said on the stone.

There is nothing pleasant about burying your mother. Any way you look it at it hurts, and it hurts a great deal. While nothing you ---or anyone--- could change it, you made the process as stress free as possible. 

I cannot tell you in this year of incredible grief, far beyond the death of my mother, how much it meant to me to know that something was done right. I can’t thank you enough. The memorial is truly a reflection of how I want her remembered.

 Your professionalism, caring and sensitivity to our feelings went over and above what I could have expected and is deeply appreciated.

Many, many thanks.

Nancy Hirsh

Hi Don,

My heartfelt thanks for the beautiful work that you did on the gravestone.  The much needed cleaning restored the stone beautifully and the inscription looks great.  It was a pleasure doing business with you.  Everything was done in a timely and efficient manner.


Tina S.