What makes our services and products different than the rest?  All of our monuments, memorials and mausoleums are manufactured in the USA!  Only the highest quality granite and marble are used and crafted by AMERICAN craftsmen.  We use only the finest materials sourced throughout the world and use the latest techniques to deliver a monument to suit your needs and budget. This is a one-time purchase and we take great care and pride in delivering the memorial you design. We custom design, manufacture, and install to fit any specification or need.
  • Monuments
  • Markers
  • Mausoleums
  • Community Mausoleums
  • Statuary – Religious, Civic, small or large
  • War Memorials & Civic Projects
  • Pet Stones
  • Benches
Monument Inscriptions & Maintenance 
  • Cemetery Inscriptions – adding names and dates to existing monuments
  • Repair service – when things break, we repair when we can
  • Washing/Cleaning – monuments get dirty and organics will grow on them
  • Church Gardens – memorials for cremation gardens
  • Etchings – Custom hand etchings by our artist or laser etching for the budget conscious
  • Bronze
  • Custom and Hebrew Lettering
  • Drafting service
  • Granite Consulting Service
  • Vases